How We Work

We use proven models and tools to effectively manage change.

The Brookside Group’s consulting work can be thought of in terms of scope, approach and process. Although each client’s situation is different, we typically execute our work through three models.

The Scope of Our Services

The first, The Brookside Group’s Organizational Alignment ModelTM, defines the scope of our work. This model provides clients with a structure to connect the drivers of organizational, operational and personal success. By using The Brookside Group’s Alignment Model, the project team can ensure they are focused on all areas that must be aligned for success. Your business’s processes and people will be connected to your leader’s vision for the organization.


The Approach We Use

Most transformational change programs rely on communication to build awareness. However, communication can’t create change by itself. Understanding, participation, leverage and measurement are required as well. Our second model, The Brookside Group’s Program Management ApproachTM, measures activities and their results, and does so in a way that fosters participation in the initiative.

At the outset, our associates ensure there is goal alignment, governance established, milestones identified, risk management plans established, and key activities resourced. We also implement a scorecarding approach that provides visibility to project team activities and results.

In our experience, full understanding comes from two-way communication, and two-way communication only can come from leadership participation. That leadership participation creates organizational leverage, efficiency and speed. When combined with the right measurement approach, the best possible platform is in place to enable and support the change.

The Process We Follow

The third model, The Brookside Group’s ASPIRE Change Leadership ModelTM, defines the process we follow to create and nurture change. Starting with your current situation, plans and programs are built to tie to specific goals, results are evaluated and recognized, and effectiveness is continuously evaluated. A closed-loop process that offers repeatability, ASPIRE ensures continuous improvement of measurable outcomes. ASPIRE recognizes the significance of creating a shared vision of progress while affirming desirable work-based behaviors on the part of change participants.


We have successfully utilized all three models independently and in conjunction with the methodologies of major ERP vendors and other strategic partners.