The Brookside Group’s ASPIRE Change Leadership Model

ASPIREAssess the As-Is – With this first step, we analyze the gap between your current state and your desired end state. We make the case for change and crystallize the vision for success. Additionally, we detail the benefits of the change and the impacts it is likely to have on all stakeholders.

Set Goals – In this second step, we help you to establish specific, achievable objectives, along with simply defined measurement targets.  We facilitate decision-making regarding program oversight and governance. The focus is placed on the alignment of your vision, objectives, strategies, measures and resources.

Plan Programs – This third step involves determining systematically ordered actions to ensure steady movement toward your organizational goals. Included are milestones that, when achieved, validate the merits of the change initiative in a way that can be communicated and celebrated throughout your organization.

Implement Initiatives – During this fourth step, the planned actions are executed. We assist your change owners in monitoring progress, facilitate issue escalation, and play a critical role in resolving any conflicts so as to avoid slowing progress.

Recognize Results – This fifth step marks the culmination of the change initiative.  Change owners document results and acknowledge the efforts of participants in achieving meaningful change.  We help you determine the next steps in the continual improvement process and help you prepare the organization for the next cycle.

Evaluate Effectiveness – In this sixth and final step, change owners review the results against established metrics.  We assist in the discovery of factors that contributed to the outcomes.  In addition, we provide a “lessons learned” review of change leadership, program management and tactical execution so all involved can learn from the effort.