Leadership Assessment

Is your leadership prepared for the next change initiative?

Most large businesses will launch a major reorganization, system implementation, acquisition, or facility relocation in the next two years. Unfortunately, large-scale change often is accompanied by productivity declines and large opportunity costs. for-a-1000-employee_236

According to a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers survey of CEOs, the largest barriers to successfully implementing change are senior management experience and middle management engagement.

Although productivity declines and opportunity costs can be minimized through change management, the biggest impact can be made with effective leadership.

The first step of preparation is assessing current capability.

The Brookside Group, a consulting company specializing in helping business leaders create strategic change, can help you prepare for your next change initiative. Our Leadership Change Readiness Assessment is specifically developed to determine:

  • Perspectives on prior initiatives
  • Managerial readiness to lead future change
  • What must be done to best prepare for future programs
  • When those preparations should occur
  • The risks associated with not addressing specific issues.

During the assessment, your senior leadership team and participants in prior change programs are interviewed to obtain insights on your current situation. Your current capabilities are also compared to known best practices. Once completed, we work with your leadership team to develop a plan that will best prepare your organization for upcoming programs.

To learn more, contact Stephen Rock at srock@thebrooksidegroup.com or 816.841.9310.